Kircubbin Sailing Club has been active on the sailing scene in Strangford Lough since the early 1900s.
    If you cast your eye around Kircubbin Bay during the summer you will see motor cruisers, speed boats, fishing boats and cabin/day boats as well as sailing boats.....



    Welcome to Kircubbin Sailing Club!

    As a visitor to our website you may have many queries about the Club. Hopefully the information you will find on the tabs below or elsewhere on this website will provide you with the answers you are seeking however if not please use the Contact Us facility to ask any specific questions or alternatively why not call down on a Sunday evening and ask any member of the management committee.


    The Club has its roots in competitive sailing which was originally based at the Harbour in Kircubbin and has been active on the sailing scene in Strangford Lough since the early 1900s. Even it the early days of the Club, Kircubbin’s sailors were among the best in Strangford Lough. More recently the Club’s Flying Fifteen fleet produced some of the best competitors in that class in the world.

    Although as the name suggests, the promotion of sailing is the main objective of the club, we welcome other types of craft as well. If you cast your eye around the Bay during the summer you will see motor cruisers, speed boats, fishing boats and cabin/day boats as well as sailing boats.


    The Club is a sporting organisation under the Registration of Clubs (NI) Order 1996 and the property of the Club is vested in the Club Trustees. The Annual General Meeting, usually held each November, elects officers and a management committee which meets monthly to manage the Club’s activities and affairs.

    In this current year the Committee Members are:-

    COMMODORE:                         Derek Gilmore

    VICE COMMODORE:               Ian Tolman

    REAR COMMODORE:             Malcolm Brian

    HON. SECRETARY:                  Lynn Andrews

    HON. TREASURER:                 Sam McCorkell

    SAILING SECRETARY:           Michael Ennis

    LADIES’ CAPTAIN:                   Jane Smith

    RESCUE OFFICER:                  Pete McDowell

    BAR CONVENOR:                    Tom McBriar

    CHILD PROTECTION OFFICER:            Jeff Smith


        Darren Gilmore
        Colin Gillespie
        Kevin Stuart
        Craig Bowman


    All applications for election to membership must be proposed and seconded by Full Members of the Club in writing on the official membership application form before they can be considered by the Committee.

    New applicants cannot use the Club until they have been duly elected by the Committee at which time they will be issued with a valid Membership Card which should be kept on their person when at the Club  (as is required by the Registration of Clubs (NI) Order 1996 & subsequent amendments).


    The Club, situated on the northern side of Kircubbin Bay, has a modest Club House with a function room, changing and shower facilities, and a well equipped kitchen. There is also a cosy Bar which serves a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

    Bar Opening Times:

    Sundays:               4.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. all year

    The Bar may also be open on a Thursday evening after racing during the season and usually obtains a late licence for any social events. Members can also book the club rooms for private functions such as birthday parties, wedding receptions etc.

    The Bar is staffed by volunteers organised by a small sub-committee.

    The Club has limited space for the storage of dinghies and tenders and limited space for winter parking of boats (subject to payment of an annual charge). Water and electricity points are provided adjacent to the boat park.

    All Full and Family Members are entitled to a key to the Club House and gate. Please contact any Committee Member if you require a key, a small charge may be levied to cover costs.


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